Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Golden Ticket Hunt!


The Hunt is on!! Good luck!

(sings) We have a golden tiiiiiiiiicket!!!!

There is a magical golden ticket hunt going on Wednesday, November 19th, from noon SLT to 6pm SLT! Search throughout the Menel sim (TorridWear, Lemon, and Kari) for golden tickets and if you find one, just buy it, pick it up and collect the fabulous prizes inside. The grand prize tickets will contain a ticket object that will need to be given to the person designated on the ticket. Some of the great prizes include:

2 separate L$5000 cash tickets
A custom lemon shape
All the shoes that Kari has to offer
The 2 Fedorable styles from TorridWear in every shade
TorridWear ao and pose packs
And much much more!

There will be 21 tickets total so there are plenty of prizes to go around :).

Keep your eyes peeled for gold, it can be anywhere!! (Except of course on the other half of the sim we don't own :P)

See you there!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

and Lemon too!

Hello Everybody!
I hijacked Torrid's blog to let you know right next to her new main store is the new 
Lemon Main Store!

20 brand spanking new shapes fresh out of the shape factory-oodles of demos, freebies and more
Also don't forget about the Golden Ticket Hunt on weds Nov 19th from 9amSLT-5pmSLT

New Mainstore Location and New Releases!

Starting now, if you teleport to Chartreuse looking for my store, you will find nothing more than a sign with a landmark. That landmark will lead you to my new main store location in Menel :D.

TorridWear is now open and right next door to the new Lemon main store (amazing shapes by Haver Cole) who will be doing her own blog post later. You may have already visited Menel because it's been the home of the new Kari store for awhile now :).

I am happy to say you will have a lot more room to move around and *hopefully* less lag. Animation overrides and poses are located on the sides and the discount clothing is backstage. There are signs to help you find your way around and several freebie/dollarbie bags to be found. I hope you will not only find the store more convenient to shop in but enjoyable to explore as well.

There are a couple of new releases available at the new store. I created an AO set from my last pose set, "Drama" and there is a new pose set called "Coy" with 8 poses all based on being, well, coy! :)

I must thank Menno Ophelia and Zyrra Falcone for working so hard to build me a store. I also want to thank Colleen Desmoulins and Bethany Heart for their kind efforts and to Haver Cole for her support (after all she does love me the most).

We (TorridWear, Lemon, and Kari) are going to have a "Golden Ticket Hunt" tomorrow to celebrate the opening of our stores so look for more information on that in the morning. There will be some great prizes!

I am dead tired so hopefully this post makes sense lol. See you all in the morning <3.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photos for my new store!

I will be opening my new store in a couple of days (hopefully) yay! You will actually have room to move while shopping :D.

Now to the reason for this post, I need photos to display in the shop and I will be looking through my Flickr group in the next few days to choose them. The photo must contain one or more of my poses but that's pretty much the only criteria, beside joining the group, to submit to the pool.

For each photo chosen (excluding past winners) you can choose from one pose or ao set OR L$500.

I look forward to seeing great photos! :)

Torrid Pose Flickr Group

Friday, October 31, 2008

Last day for Bootleg Annie!!

Yarrrr, just a reminder that Bootleg Annie be pulled from th' shelves tomorrow so if ye want th' lass' ye better go 'afore she's off t' meet Davy Jones!

Details in release post here:

Bootleg Annie

Happy Halloween ya lily livered bilge rats!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fly By Night

Happy Halloween from TorridWear and Kari! We've created a great flying broom AO as a gift for our subscribe-o-matic members :D. You must join one or both (we won't complain!) of the subscribe-o-matic groups at our main store locations to receive the broom. Just click the sign!

If you're already a member and were not online at the time the gift was sent out you can click on the subscribe-o-matic sign at Kari or TorridWear and choose history to find the message it was sent with. The broom will only be available in history through November 7th!

UPDATE: So far the broom has been fine when I tp so keeping my fingers crossed the rest of you have no problems either! Sorry for the edit!

*Just a note that if you have the broom attached and you teleport you will need to detach and attach the broom again. I'm not sure why this is happening with attached animated objects now but it is :(.

Trick or Treat!

p.s. (This is where that note would have gone had you let me type it Haver Cole)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Halloween Goodness!

As promised, here are two new Halloween costume collaborations from TCKLZ (TorridWear, Celestial Studios, Kari, Lemon, and ZF)! These costumes are not limited editions and will be available beyond Halloween. These are the first two of many more to come hopefully :D.

"Fantasy Football"

TCKLZ presents Fantasy Football!

You will be sure to go past First & Ten with this fantastic football player costume. Your friends will WIDEly receive you with open arms as you TOUCHDOWN in the coolest sims in SL. Costume includes 1 jersey tee-shirt dress with sculptie sleeves, 1 set of grid iron face paint, 2 sets of knee highs-1 with prim leg-warmers 1 without, 1 pair of custom colored Kari kicks and 1 color coordinated football with hold animation!

Fantasy Football is also available in a fatpack with all four color combinations.

"For The Boys"

TCKLZ presents For The Boys!

Make your wildest pin-up dreams come true. This costume is sure to inspire everyone to stand at attention. Jitterbug the night away in 1 shirtdress with a hot pink bow holding down the fort, 1 medal for cuteness in the face of adversity, 1 sculptie garrison cap & bow, 1 set of seamed, silk thigh high stockings and 1 pair of TCKLZ pumps ready for action!

Shape used in vendor ads by:
Lemon by Haver Cole (Shape will be available at the costume locations shortly)

Hair used in vendor ads by:
ZF by Zyrra Falcone (Hair will be available at the costume locations shortly)

You can find these costumes and more at the following locations:

Celestial Studios


Panache and Zyrraphotic


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yarrrrr it's Bootleg Annie!!

UPDATE: `Tis important t' mention that thar be a freebie pose included in th' set an' full credit goes t' International Supermodel Ha'er Cole.

I be very excited t' share that th' first o' many planned Halloween costumes be now available only at Celestial Studios an' Zyrraphotic.

Once again 'tis a collaboration between Kari, Torridwear, Celestial Studios, Zyrra Falcone an' Lemon. Thar be several packages an' options t' choose from. This be one o' three limited edition costumes an' they will nay be available fer purchase after Novembree 1st. We be releasin' non limited edition costumes as well in th' very near future.

Full Bootleg Annie Set:

1. Hat wi' hair in four special shades. (Kari & Zyrra Falcone)
2. Celestial Studios "V2" prototype skin in light an' tan wi' bonus scarred versions (also includes lashes)
3. Shape by Ha'er Cole o' Lemon
4. Full outfit includin' jacket wi' top, collar, eye patch, gloves, britches, belt, belt wi' scarf, belt wi' tails, skirt. skirt wi' scarf, stockings, torn stockings, an' boots! (TorridWear, Kari, an' Celestial Studios)
5. Wee animation override set by Torrid Low tide (aka Midnight fer ye pirate noobs) that includes 5 stands, a sit, an' keel haul.

Ye can purchase th' followin' separately if ye prefer (reckon th' full set comes wi' a discount):

1. Hat wi' hair available in in th' pack o' 4 an' also available in 40 other shades.
2. Swabbie shape (aye th' shape be modify)
3. Skins pack
4. Outfit pack

Ye can test ou' demos o' th' skins an' hair before purchasin'. Everythin' be nay transfer so please keep that in mind!

P.S. Once again on accoun' o' th' limited space at TorridWear an' Kari, all th' costumes be placed only at Celestial Studios an' Zyrraphotic fer now.

Be havin' a great tide !!
Ya lily livered scurvy cur!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fashion Feed Sunshine

I am going to speak with Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch personally and also Phoenix Chapman, we will deal with this on a personal level, not a battle to the death on the fashion feed. All the insult slinging that is happening does not make anything better, I am not responding to it, it just fuels fires.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poses and Priority

I felt this was worth blogging as it has been a subject I've seen pop up lately. You may have seen an animator talk about priority and scratched your head in confusion. The priority number (1 - 4) is chosen when an animation is uploaded.

When I create a pose it is made with the intention of just that, posing. Poses are uploaded with a priority of "4" which means that when in use it will override any other animation or pose with a lower priority number. Besides having a high priority number, I also pose every single body part of the avatar, making the pose ideal for photographs or modeling when the avatar needs to remain perfectly frozen in position (no typing or head movement). Due to this "frozen" state I never recommend my poses for animation overrides. Sometimes there are exceptions, for instance when an override is used for a purse or prop it may become necessary to prevent typing or head movement. As I said this is just a recommendation, a person can certainly use poses in their override if they choose to, they just need to be aware that it may interfere with other animations.

Whenever possible, I will create an animation override (ao) set from a set of poses I've created. I will only use the poses that work with head movement and typing. I generally call these "stands" and they are uploaded with a priority of "2". Using a priority number of 2 allows the typing animation while still holding the position of the stand and I remove any posing of the head so that it will move freely. Gestures, dances, etc, which are usually high priority (4), will override the stand. Low priority stands (or ao stands) can still be used on the runway of course, there are no rules set in stone lol.

I must mention that regardless of priority number, if an animator has not actually posed a body part in the program they use (I use Poser), it will move in world. Have you ever noticed with a particular stand or pose that sometimes your arm moves oddly? This is often because the animator did not pose some part of the arm (collar, shoulder, or forearm) and it is still being effected by the default stand cycle.

I've only mentioned poses where the avatar is standing thus far but priority comes into play for all animations. Hopefully this little bit of reading hasn't confused anyone further lol. There is so much more information I could dive into but I will save you the eye strain, for now :P.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New School - A collaboration, oh yes!

A new collaborative release from Kari, TorridWear, Celestial Studios, and Panache by Zyrra!

*Update - Fatpacks for the jacket have now been added at all locations :)

"New School"

New School is a tribute to old school with a twist of modern street fashion. We've brought you a complete style from head to toe and better yet, it's unisex!

Let's break it down.

"New School" and "Girls School" Hairstyles by Kari & Panache by Zyrra:

New School - A great shaggy unisex style under a cozy beanie that's scripted to change colors when clicked. Choose from 10 colors!

Girls School - A cute, shaggy style for women with unkempt pigtails under a cozy beanie that's scripted to change colors when clicked. Choose from 10 colors!

"New School Jacket" by Celestial Studios, TorridWear, & Kari:

This is a great version of the versatile track jacket seen in street fashion everywhere. You'll get 3 versions of the jacket with sculptie collar, including with a tee (unisex), with a tank (female), or stand alone. You'll also get the tee and tank separately! Choose from 10 color versions of the jacket.

"New School Jeans" by Kari & TorridWear:

These are worn out, ripped up, dirtied, and well..just plain comfortable jeans. What better way to compliment that track jacket? You'll get two pair of jeans, blue and black, including sculptie cuffs in two sizes.

"Kicks" by Kari:

Menno Ophelia of Kari has created an amazing pair of street kicks. These shoes not only look great but they are scripted to give you a choice of 20, that's right, 20 styles! The 20 styles are dedications to some of his friends using their favorite colors (awwww!). The kicks are also scripted for resizing but large and small versions are included.

"New School Tie" by Kari & TorridWear:

This tie looks great combined with the jacket and we've scripted it so you can choose from 10 colors! The neck and knot of the tie are sculpted and the tie is a texture and flexi. A large and small version are included.

"New School Suspenders" by Kari:

Menno brings us some brilliant sculptie suspenders to add the finishing touch to New School. The suspenders are also scripted with 10 color choices and included are large and small versions.


For now you can find all "New School" items at Kari. You can find all the "New School" clothing items at TorridWear (look outside in front of the store!). Celestial Studios and Panache by Zyrra will be adding to their store locations shortly.

*Notes: All items are sold modify, copy, no transfer (Kari Kicks are no modify but come with a resizing script). Please read any and all notecards included with your purchase for information and instructions. There is a fatpack that includes the jacket, jeans, tie, and suspenders available for purchase as well.

p.s. Thank you Haver for being in our ads <33.

Menno, Torrid, Starley, and Zyrra :D

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hair Fair! - UPDATE!

**UPDATE** The hairstyles are now available at TorridWear in Chartreuse. I've also placed the Fedora from the hairstyles for sale in case you'd like to purchase *just* the hat :). The hat comes with a resizing script as well and it looks great on guys too!

Yes, I took the plunge this year and decided to attempt hair. Right now I just have two styles available but hopefully in the next few days I'll be adding two more :). There is so much awesome to be seen and purchased from tons of hair designers, you're gonna need awhile to take it all in!

Also because I am lame and slow (I am so not a hair designer lol) I have freebie poses for you in the box on the table, not hair :P.

See you there :D

I'm in the Orange sim weeee!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Coming Soon

Something wicked this way comes..


No no, don't panic, I don't mean that kind of drama :D. I've just released a new pose set called (I figure you know this by now) "Drama". It contains thirteen poses in all and they are (as usual) inspired by fashion art and photography. The poses were created to be more expressive in mood or attitude. Be on the lookout for an AO set from these poses this week as well!

Drop by my shop in Chartreuse, Silent, or FILOS (lots of great posers there) to try them out. "Drama" is also available through OnRez.

Congrats to the five winners of this release from my subsribe-o-matic group:

Betti Latte
Rydenda Camel
Farrah Zimer
Natalie Paderborn
Valena Glushenko


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flickr Winners!

I realized I hadn't posted my Flickr group winners from last time so I'm playing catch up. Here we go!

July 25th Winners:

Kimberly Mirabeau for "Bonbon"

Yenneffer Dielli for "Reflection"

August 9th Winners:

Stein Shilova - "Bad Luck"

Asuka Martin - "Group Shot"

Congratulations and thank you for all the wonderful photos so far, keep them coming! <3

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trash and Notes

We all need a little more trash in our lives, I know I do! Tonight Menno Ophelia released an awesome trash can prop at Kari with poses by yours truly :D. You can choose from 10 textures and 4 poses in all, not bad eh? You can live it up with the trash and not smell a thing so head there and give it a spin!

Pssst, while you're there check out the belts. He made a special curvy size and it fits me like a glove. Can we say that I jumped for joy...cause that never happens in SL lol.

There are more updates coming your way this week, yeah I know, what's gotten into me? Oh, if you haven't subscribed to my update group yet, I took a page from Maitreya and started choosing 5 people to win my new release whenever I update!

Visit Kari

Happy weekend! <3

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paraplu! It looks like rain.

As I write this LL announces that SL is broken and it's probably not safe to buy anything. They have the best timing :).

With that said, my newest release is available now at my store locations in Chartreuse and Silent! The sets will be available through OnRez shortly.


A set of 10 poses made to be used with a cute little sculpted paraplu (umbrella). You can click on the paraplu to choose from 7 textures. There is a free closed version of the paraplu included with the set that was not used for any poses. It's cute for your house or photos!

"Paraplu AO"

You guessed it, it's an AO set made from the "Paraplu" poses! The set includes the paraplu, 4 stands, a walk, sit, ground sit, and hover.

*The pink paraplu texture was for display photo purposes only.

Some notes:

1. There is a demo version of the paraplu for sale at the display. You'll probably want to grab one to use while testing.

2. You can purchase a paraplu by itself if you don't plan to buy full sets. This is also for sale at the display.

3. I like chocolate more than I should and also can't pronounce paraplu correctly.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Just a little preview of a pose set (and a small AO set) I'll be releasing later today called "Paraplu" (umbrella)! I'll give all the details as soon as it's ready :).

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Newness And Changes!

This will be a longer post than normal but I guess that can be a good thing!

New Releases:

"Step" - A pose set containing eight poses made for, you guessed it, steps! The set comes with a scripted prop or you can purchase the poses individually.

"Vain AO" - This is a small ao set taken from the "Vain" pose set. It includes four stands modified to work with an ao and two NEW stands! There is also a bonus sit :).

Love for the full figured girls! I've added some modified "Curve" ao stands to the pose vendors. You'll recognize them by the word "Plus" in the name.


Prices have been permanently reduced. Individual poses and animations are now L$75 instead of L$100. The sets have been adjusted accordingly.

You'll find the new releases at my main store in Chartreuse and at the Photosphere Store in Silent. The Chartreuse store may be busy so you may find more room to test in Silent. I should have everything available at Onrez later tonight.

Thanks! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Need A Builder!

If you've been to my main store in Chartreuse I'm sure you can see that I am in desperate need of a decent store lol. If there are any good builders among you that might be interested in building something for me please drop me a notecard in world or if anyone has any info that might help send that along too :D.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kari Opening!

There's a new store in town! Kari is the long awaited creation of Menno Ophelia (seriously long awaited :P) and when you visit you'll find a variety of unique items from clothing to animated props (some posed by yours truly :D). I don't want to give away everything he has available but among his designs you'll find several styles of amazing high tops. I don't think I've taken them off since he finished his first design lol.

Not only do I believe you'll enjoy Menno's creations but the store itself is amazing and makes for an inviting shopping experience. Kari will have new releases on a regular basis so make sure you keep an eye out! Great job Menno <33.

Visit Kari!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Sale!

**Update! I will keep the sale going through Friday until midnight SLT (pst) due to overwhelming request but it will definitely end then and new product released on Saturday :D.

I haven't had a sale in...well...let's just say a very long time lol. Starting today at 3:00 PM SLT (PST) all animation products will be 50% off (excluding discount) at my shop location in Chartreuse. The sale will run through Thursday (June 26th) until midnight SLT. On Friday new product will be released!



Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coming Soon!

I just reworked the Curves AO set to work with plus size females and I'm going to adjust a couple other AO sets as well. I've also had a new pose set called "Step" (yeah basically it's poses on steps :P) in the works for awhile but my PC has been giving me some trouble as of late. I'll hopefully be releasing the new set and putting out the plus size sets early next week!

Here's a preview of the "Step" set :D.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flickr Group Winners For June 17th!

My first Flickr Group winners are:

Zoe Demar for "No Place Like Home"

Elysium Eilde for "If nothing is everything, I'll have it all"

These ladies will receive a free copy of my next new release and their photos will be displayed in my shop. You can view these and more photos in the Torrid Pose Flickr Group here. Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos to the group and please keep them coming!

Thanks :D

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Me, Fashion Expo, and Your Questions

Hi! I'm posting today as a response to many ims I've received over the last few days about Fashion Expo, which from what I understand is to benefit RFL (Relay For Life). As a lot of people know I have been involved with RFL every year since it began and this year is no exception.

The Fashion Expo, I believe, is the idea and fundraiser of *one* of the RFL teams and not an event by Relay For Life as a whole (please correct me if I'm wrong). The question I've been asked is if I will have any exclusive poses at the Fashion Expo and so I decided to answer here as well in hopes that it will reach more of those interested.

I am not involved in the Fashion Expo as I believe it was by invitation from the RFL team hosting the event and I was not invited to participate. I think there was one pose maker invited, LAP (long awkward pose), so if you're looking for some exclusive poses I'm sure Dove has some great ones!

I know there have been hard feelings amongst some designers from the last Fashion event for RFL because they were not invited. Please remember that these teams are about raising funds for RFL and cannot please everyone. I am positive that they would not intentionally snub anyone that would like to help raise money, unless of course there was a very good reason. It's pretty near impossible to know about every single designer in SL, not to mention I can only imagine what an undertaking it has been to host something like this.

So there you have it! I will be heading over to the Expo myself when I get some time to check out all the great stuff. As for RFL and my team, Pixels In Pink, we had some wrenches thrown into our plans but we have recently opened our sim "PiP City". It's a work in progress but you are welcome to visit now as some of our team members have some great items already available.

I will be creating some exclusive items for RFL but they will be available at PiP City when they're ready :).

Thanks and remember to support RFL in whatever way you can <3.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Flickr Group

At the suggestion of a few people, I decided to create a Flickr group to share photos using my poses. I will choose one photo each month to display in my shop locations and that person will receive my next release for free :D.

If you'd like to join, please visit I'd love to have you and I look forward to seeing all the great photos!


Friday, May 9, 2008

New Pose Sets! "Vain" and "Benchwarmer"

Released today are "Vain" and "Benchwarmer" pose sets. "Vain" is a set of 10 modeling poses (stands) and "Benchwarmer" is a set of 8 sitting poses. I've included a scripted seat in the Benchwarmer set that you can click on and choose the pose. That's in addition to just the poses themselves so you're not stuck with the seat if you don't want it :P. The seat you get is modifyable and no it's not pink I promise!

You can demo the sets and also buy the poses individually (sets are slightly discounted) at my shop locations in Chartreuse, Le Zoo, Silent and Port Seraphine. The sets will also be available on OnRez this evening.


p.s. There's a sale coming soon :)

New Sets Releasing Tomorrow

Hey all :D. I'm happy to say I finally found some time to complete the pose sets I've been working on forever lol. I still have a few little things to do but they will release sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening. I've posted a couple of promo images.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Iki Jeans For L$1

So you may or may not remember a small casual line of clothing I created with Nephilaine Protagonist called "Iki". It was basics like jeans, tops, and a few other items. We haven't done anything for the line in years but what we did create is still available in Port Seraphine.

I've decided to put a pair of the Skinny Jeans and the Straight Leg Jeans out for L$1 at my shop in Chartreuse. Why am I doing this you may ask? I can't really go into the details but I will just say that a creator always remembers what they created, no matter how old it gets. I know that's cryptic but it's the best I can do lol.

Anyway, grab the jeans for L$1, even if they don't have sculptie legs you might find they work with something :P.

Thanks! <3

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relay For Life 2008 - Pixels In Pink!

It's that time again, Relay For Life fundraising has begun for 2008! This cause has always been an important one to me and I was reminded only a few months ago just how important. I lost a dear cousin to lung cancer (no she never smoked a day in her life) and she was only 30 years old. She fought with everything she had but in the end it was just too much and she had to leave behind a devastated husband and their baby girl of 2 years. She is why I do this and why I will continue to fight, to relay until there is a cure.

My team, Pixels In Pink, is back and better than ever. We've added some new faces and brought back a few from our first year so I'm really excited. We hope to bring you some great events and awesome products with all proceeds going to ACS. Keep an eye out for PiP happenings soon.

Team Pixels In Pink (so far cause we've still got a few coming in):

Torrid Midnight (Team Captain)
Zyrra Falcone
Elikapeka Tiramisu
HoseQueen McLean
Starley Thereian
Lyra Muse
Washu Zebrastripe
Betty Doyle
Menno Ophelia
Rose Farina
Stella Costello

Supporters (folks who are part time PiPs and we're glad to have them!)
Barnesworth Anubis
Damien Fate
Fallingwater Cellardoor
hyasynth Tiramisu
Rebel Hope
Haver Cole

There are lots of donation kiosks out there and though we welcome you to donate to our team kiosks, what matters is that you donate. We're all fighting for the same cause and every cent counts whether you donate L$1 or L$1,000! If you would like one of our donation kiosks at your store or business location please don't hesitate to contact myself or another team member.

Relay For Life in 2008
Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Updates Soon!

Just a short note to say there are some releases coming up by the end of this week. I'll be putting out a couple of my recent sets modified to work better for the fuller figured ladies and a new pose set that consists of all sitting poses. I've also got a new model pose set in the works.

I got a little behind due to my connection dropping constantly for a week straight (I think Comcast has me on a warning poster in the office now) but I'm slowly catching up.

If you happen to drop by the shop in Chartreuse this week you may notice some mess as I may be changing the build over to a temporary shop until the new one is done...that is if I can get around to it :P.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Leo" AO Set

The "Leo" set is now available for the guys at my TorridWear locations in Chartreuse and Le Zoo! The set has 13 total animations including 7 stands, a walk, a run, 2 sits, and 2 ground sits. You can purchase them individually from the vendor stand or purchase the set for a fairly big discount. "Leo" will be available through OnRez shortly.

I have to say this was the most difficult set for me so far, I can't believe how much of a struggle it can be to create for men lol. I hope some of you guys out there like it :D.

Don't forget to test before you buy!

Thanks :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Leo" AO Set Later Today

Later today I will release my new male ao set, "Leo". It's not a full ao set, meaning that there isn't an animation for every single category in your Zhao. There are 7 stands, a walk, a run, 2 sits, and 2 ground sits for 13 animations total :). That sexy guy (or elf?) in the chair is Vasean Talamasca (if you didn't already know :P), thank you sir for modeling for me!

I will send out a group notice as soon as it's set up in my shop locations and I will blog a few more details as well.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Last Chance And A Note or Two :)

Just a note to say that today will be your last chance to get the Valentine AO group gift! If you haven't joined the group, just drop by one of my TorridWear locations and click the sign (subsribe-o-matic). Once you've joined you can click the sign again to retrieve the gift from history. Thank you to everyone who has left messages about the gift, I'm really glad you're enjoying it!

In other news, I've permanently discounted some of my older stands. The discounted price is L$30 per stand and L$120 for a set.

In the next week I'm hoping to release some group pose sets and I'm continuing my work on men's poses as well (no I haven't forgotten you!). I also want to say that I appreciate the requests to do "animated" stands but that is something I probably won't release for awhile. For me it's important that they don't turn out looking like some creepy animatronic peep show O.o. The ones I create will more than likely have small or subtle movement.

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day or...Anti-Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Valentine" Group Gift Update

If you were unable to subscribe before I sent out the gift, you can still get it! Head over to TorridWear, click on the sign to subscribe, and click the sign again to get a menu. Choose "History" and you can view the recent messages sent out and grab the "Valentine" set :D.


Monday, February 11, 2008

"Valentine" Special Group Gift!

I've created a mini ao set (5 stands and a sit) for a Valentine's Day gift for my group! It's just a little bit of sexy to add to that lingerie you bought :D. Sorry guys, I know you may not exactly be able to use this but I'm sure you won't mind looking at the ladies while they do :P.

I will send the gift later this evening. If you haven't subscribed to my group yet, just swing by one of my TorridWear locations and click on the sign! I'm using Subscribe-O-Matic so there is no need for group space.

Hope you enjoy it! <3

Saturday, February 9, 2008


So I finally set up a subscribe-o-matic :D. If you're interested in subscribing to keep up with releases, gifts, sales, and other stuff, just click on the sign at any of my shop locations.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Construction woops!

I realize I just released the Adore set but there is some necessary work that needs to be done with my shop in Chartreuse, basically right now just moving it from the spot it's on and some terraforming. I'm currently working on a brand new store build that I hope everyone will enjoy but that won't be ready for awhile.

If you happen to tp in and find yourself under the store or in the air you'll know why. Let me just say sorry in advance! I should have it settled by later tonight or early tomorrow...hopefully. :)



Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I've released five couple pose sets called "Adore" (thanks Kisa) just in time for Valentine's Day! They're currently only available at TorridWear in Chartreuse but will soon be at a couple of other locations. Honestly I don't have much room for them at most of my stores lol. They will also be available on OnRez shortly.

A heads up about these sets, they were made with an average size female and male avatar of similar height. I did this so that the poses had a better chance of fitting more avatars. This means that if you and your partner have extreme differences in height or if there are extreme slider numbers these may not work well. Please make sure you test first! The pose hearts are modifiable so you will be able to move them around if you need to adjust.

You can see the other images of the Adore set here. I hope you will enjoy using these as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Thanks :)

*updated slurl

Monday, February 4, 2008

Love Lace Poses

The first two lingerie sets in the 2008 Love Lace collection by Nephilaine Protagonist and Launa Fauna have been released! Check out Nephilaine's post and Launa's post for ads and details.

As they release new sets I will also release the poses I created for their ads. The first two poses are now available at Love Lace in Port Seraphine. They are set up (in pose hearts) next to the lingerie displays so that you can try them out before purchasing :).

In each heart you will find a notecard with details about how to use the pose and where to purchase the furniture used in the ad.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Curves and Geometry AO Sets

I've created AO sets from the Curves and Geometry Pose sets by request. Each set has 5 stands (with lower priority than the poses), a new walk, a new sit, and a ground sit. They're available at my shop locations in Chartreuse, Le Zoo, and Port Seraphine or you can purchase them from OnRez.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Note On Changes

I just wanted to post a short note about my recent change to the ZHAO II. Most of my store locations now carry all my override and stand sets in the ZHAO II instead of the Wet Ikon. My reasoning for this is that I find the hud more convenient and there are a ton of options in the menu such as choosing from multiple sits, walks, etc. The Wet Ikon is still a great AO I just felt that I needed to update.

I have also changed all animation related products to no transfer. I was receiving tons of messages in a week from folks who lost a pose or animation due to SL problems and this was the best solution. You can always purchase a gift for someone through my store at OnRez.

Oh, a quick thank you to Tao for adding me to the Fashion Planet Feed and also thanks to the newer fashion feeds that have started for adding me as well :D.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My newest pose set is now available at my shop in Chartreuse and all TorridWear locations. "Curves" is a set of 10 modeling poses and was inspired by fashion photography and the female body. I do not recommend these for casual override use as they are "high priority" and allow no avatar movement (head movement or typing). I will create override sets from the Curves and Geometry sets in the near future :). I have a lot more sets in the works, including couples poses, group sets, and a surprise or two! As always, make sure to test out poses before you purchase :D.


The Necessary Update Blog

So I put it off long enough I guess! This blog will be strictly for any updates at my shop, TorridWear, 99% of which will probably be in the animation category. You may be asking yourself at this very moment, "Why the hell is it called TorridWear then?", to which I reply "Hey, great question!". Actually it's pretty simple and boring, the shop used to be mainly clothing but now only contains discount, newbie friendly clothing and of course my animations. The name has been the same for so long that I figure I might as well leave it that way. Amazing story right? :D

I will attempt to have this blog added to the Fashion Planet feed but that could take awhile lol. If only poor Tao had known what he was signing up for! Now I have to try and remember how to work with this blog thing.