Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paraplu! It looks like rain.

As I write this LL announces that SL is broken and it's probably not safe to buy anything. They have the best timing :).

With that said, my newest release is available now at my store locations in Chartreuse and Silent! The sets will be available through OnRez shortly.


A set of 10 poses made to be used with a cute little sculpted paraplu (umbrella). You can click on the paraplu to choose from 7 textures. There is a free closed version of the paraplu included with the set that was not used for any poses. It's cute for your house or photos!

"Paraplu AO"

You guessed it, it's an AO set made from the "Paraplu" poses! The set includes the paraplu, 4 stands, a walk, sit, ground sit, and hover.

*The pink paraplu texture was for display photo purposes only.

Some notes:

1. There is a demo version of the paraplu for sale at the display. You'll probably want to grab one to use while testing.

2. You can purchase a paraplu by itself if you don't plan to buy full sets. This is also for sale at the display.

3. I like chocolate more than I should and also can't pronounce paraplu correctly.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Just a little preview of a pose set (and a small AO set) I'll be releasing later today called "Paraplu" (umbrella)! I'll give all the details as soon as it's ready :).

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Newness And Changes!

This will be a longer post than normal but I guess that can be a good thing!

New Releases:

"Step" - A pose set containing eight poses made for, you guessed it, steps! The set comes with a scripted prop or you can purchase the poses individually.

"Vain AO" - This is a small ao set taken from the "Vain" pose set. It includes four stands modified to work with an ao and two NEW stands! There is also a bonus sit :).

Love for the full figured girls! I've added some modified "Curve" ao stands to the pose vendors. You'll recognize them by the word "Plus" in the name.


Prices have been permanently reduced. Individual poses and animations are now L$75 instead of L$100. The sets have been adjusted accordingly.

You'll find the new releases at my main store in Chartreuse and at the Photosphere Store in Silent. The Chartreuse store may be busy so you may find more room to test in Silent. I should have everything available at Onrez later tonight.

Thanks! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Need A Builder!

If you've been to my main store in Chartreuse I'm sure you can see that I am in desperate need of a decent store lol. If there are any good builders among you that might be interested in building something for me please drop me a notecard in world or if anyone has any info that might help send that along too :D.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kari Opening!

There's a new store in town! Kari is the long awaited creation of Menno Ophelia (seriously long awaited :P) and when you visit you'll find a variety of unique items from clothing to animated props (some posed by yours truly :D). I don't want to give away everything he has available but among his designs you'll find several styles of amazing high tops. I don't think I've taken them off since he finished his first design lol.

Not only do I believe you'll enjoy Menno's creations but the store itself is amazing and makes for an inviting shopping experience. Kari will have new releases on a regular basis so make sure you keep an eye out! Great job Menno <33.

Visit Kari!