Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Note On Changes

I just wanted to post a short note about my recent change to the ZHAO II. Most of my store locations now carry all my override and stand sets in the ZHAO II instead of the Wet Ikon. My reasoning for this is that I find the hud more convenient and there are a ton of options in the menu such as choosing from multiple sits, walks, etc. The Wet Ikon is still a great AO I just felt that I needed to update.

I have also changed all animation related products to no transfer. I was receiving tons of messages in a week from folks who lost a pose or animation due to SL problems and this was the best solution. You can always purchase a gift for someone through my store at OnRez.

Oh, a quick thank you to Tao for adding me to the Fashion Planet Feed and also thanks to the newer fashion feeds that have started for adding me as well :D.