Friday, August 22, 2008

Hair Fair! - UPDATE!

**UPDATE** The hairstyles are now available at TorridWear in Chartreuse. I've also placed the Fedora from the hairstyles for sale in case you'd like to purchase *just* the hat :). The hat comes with a resizing script as well and it looks great on guys too!

Yes, I took the plunge this year and decided to attempt hair. Right now I just have two styles available but hopefully in the next few days I'll be adding two more :). There is so much awesome to be seen and purchased from tons of hair designers, you're gonna need awhile to take it all in!

Also because I am lame and slow (I am so not a hair designer lol) I have freebie poses for you in the box on the table, not hair :P.

See you there :D

I'm in the Orange sim weeee!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Coming Soon

Something wicked this way comes..


No no, don't panic, I don't mean that kind of drama :D. I've just released a new pose set called (I figure you know this by now) "Drama". It contains thirteen poses in all and they are (as usual) inspired by fashion art and photography. The poses were created to be more expressive in mood or attitude. Be on the lookout for an AO set from these poses this week as well!

Drop by my shop in Chartreuse, Silent, or FILOS (lots of great posers there) to try them out. "Drama" is also available through OnRez.

Congrats to the five winners of this release from my subsribe-o-matic group:

Betti Latte
Rydenda Camel
Farrah Zimer
Natalie Paderborn
Valena Glushenko


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flickr Winners!

I realized I hadn't posted my Flickr group winners from last time so I'm playing catch up. Here we go!

July 25th Winners:

Kimberly Mirabeau for "Bonbon"

Yenneffer Dielli for "Reflection"

August 9th Winners:

Stein Shilova - "Bad Luck"

Asuka Martin - "Group Shot"

Congratulations and thank you for all the wonderful photos so far, keep them coming! <3

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trash and Notes

We all need a little more trash in our lives, I know I do! Tonight Menno Ophelia released an awesome trash can prop at Kari with poses by yours truly :D. You can choose from 10 textures and 4 poses in all, not bad eh? You can live it up with the trash and not smell a thing so head there and give it a spin!

Pssst, while you're there check out the belts. He made a special curvy size and it fits me like a glove. Can we say that I jumped for joy...cause that never happens in SL lol.

There are more updates coming your way this week, yeah I know, what's gotten into me? Oh, if you haven't subscribed to my update group yet, I took a page from Maitreya and started choosing 5 people to win my new release whenever I update!

Visit Kari

Happy weekend! <3