Friday, August 22, 2008

Hair Fair! - UPDATE!

**UPDATE** The hairstyles are now available at TorridWear in Chartreuse. I've also placed the Fedora from the hairstyles for sale in case you'd like to purchase *just* the hat :). The hat comes with a resizing script as well and it looks great on guys too!

Yes, I took the plunge this year and decided to attempt hair. Right now I just have two styles available but hopefully in the next few days I'll be adding two more :). There is so much awesome to be seen and purchased from tons of hair designers, you're gonna need awhile to take it all in!

Also because I am lame and slow (I am so not a hair designer lol) I have freebie poses for you in the box on the table, not hair :P.

See you there :D

I'm in the Orange sim weeee!