Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trash and Notes

We all need a little more trash in our lives, I know I do! Tonight Menno Ophelia released an awesome trash can prop at Kari with poses by yours truly :D. You can choose from 10 textures and 4 poses in all, not bad eh? You can live it up with the trash and not smell a thing so head there and give it a spin!

Pssst, while you're there check out the belts. He made a special curvy size and it fits me like a glove. Can we say that I jumped for joy...cause that never happens in SL lol.

There are more updates coming your way this week, yeah I know, what's gotten into me? Oh, if you haven't subscribed to my update group yet, I took a page from Maitreya and started choosing 5 people to win my new release whenever I update!

Visit Kari

Happy weekend! <3