Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relay For Life 2008 - Pixels In Pink!

It's that time again, Relay For Life fundraising has begun for 2008! This cause has always been an important one to me and I was reminded only a few months ago just how important. I lost a dear cousin to lung cancer (no she never smoked a day in her life) and she was only 30 years old. She fought with everything she had but in the end it was just too much and she had to leave behind a devastated husband and their baby girl of 2 years. She is why I do this and why I will continue to fight, to relay until there is a cure.

My team, Pixels In Pink, is back and better than ever. We've added some new faces and brought back a few from our first year so I'm really excited. We hope to bring you some great events and awesome products with all proceeds going to ACS. Keep an eye out for PiP happenings soon.

Team Pixels In Pink (so far cause we've still got a few coming in):

Torrid Midnight (Team Captain)
Zyrra Falcone
Elikapeka Tiramisu
HoseQueen McLean
Starley Thereian
Lyra Muse
Washu Zebrastripe
Betty Doyle
Menno Ophelia
Rose Farina
Stella Costello

Supporters (folks who are part time PiPs and we're glad to have them!)
Barnesworth Anubis
Damien Fate
Fallingwater Cellardoor
hyasynth Tiramisu
Rebel Hope
Haver Cole

There are lots of donation kiosks out there and though we welcome you to donate to our team kiosks, what matters is that you donate. We're all fighting for the same cause and every cent counts whether you donate L$1 or L$1,000! If you would like one of our donation kiosks at your store or business location please don't hesitate to contact myself or another team member.

Relay For Life in 2008
Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Updates Soon!

Just a short note to say there are some releases coming up by the end of this week. I'll be putting out a couple of my recent sets modified to work better for the fuller figured ladies and a new pose set that consists of all sitting poses. I've also got a new model pose set in the works.

I got a little behind due to my connection dropping constantly for a week straight (I think Comcast has me on a warning poster in the office now) but I'm slowly catching up.

If you happen to drop by the shop in Chartreuse this week you may notice some mess as I may be changing the build over to a temporary shop until the new one is done...that is if I can get around to it :P.