Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Leo" AO Set

The "Leo" set is now available for the guys at my TorridWear locations in Chartreuse and Le Zoo! The set has 13 total animations including 7 stands, a walk, a run, 2 sits, and 2 ground sits. You can purchase them individually from the vendor stand or purchase the set for a fairly big discount. "Leo" will be available through OnRez shortly.

I have to say this was the most difficult set for me so far, I can't believe how much of a struggle it can be to create for men lol. I hope some of you guys out there like it :D.

Don't forget to test before you buy!

Thanks :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Leo" AO Set Later Today

Later today I will release my new male ao set, "Leo". It's not a full ao set, meaning that there isn't an animation for every single category in your Zhao. There are 7 stands, a walk, a run, 2 sits, and 2 ground sits for 13 animations total :). That sexy guy (or elf?) in the chair is Vasean Talamasca (if you didn't already know :P), thank you sir for modeling for me!

I will send out a group notice as soon as it's set up in my shop locations and I will blog a few more details as well.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Last Chance And A Note or Two :)

Just a note to say that today will be your last chance to get the Valentine AO group gift! If you haven't joined the group, just drop by one of my TorridWear locations and click the sign (subsribe-o-matic). Once you've joined you can click the sign again to retrieve the gift from history. Thank you to everyone who has left messages about the gift, I'm really glad you're enjoying it!

In other news, I've permanently discounted some of my older stands. The discounted price is L$30 per stand and L$120 for a set.

In the next week I'm hoping to release some group pose sets and I'm continuing my work on men's poses as well (no I haven't forgotten you!). I also want to say that I appreciate the requests to do "animated" stands but that is something I probably won't release for awhile. For me it's important that they don't turn out looking like some creepy animatronic peep show O.o. The ones I create will more than likely have small or subtle movement.

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day or...Anti-Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Valentine" Group Gift Update

If you were unable to subscribe before I sent out the gift, you can still get it! Head over to TorridWear, click on the sign to subscribe, and click the sign again to get a menu. Choose "History" and you can view the recent messages sent out and grab the "Valentine" set :D.


Monday, February 11, 2008

"Valentine" Special Group Gift!

I've created a mini ao set (5 stands and a sit) for a Valentine's Day gift for my group! It's just a little bit of sexy to add to that lingerie you bought :D. Sorry guys, I know you may not exactly be able to use this but I'm sure you won't mind looking at the ladies while they do :P.

I will send the gift later this evening. If you haven't subscribed to my group yet, just swing by one of my TorridWear locations and click on the sign! I'm using Subscribe-O-Matic so there is no need for group space.

Hope you enjoy it! <3

Saturday, February 9, 2008


So I finally set up a subscribe-o-matic :D. If you're interested in subscribing to keep up with releases, gifts, sales, and other stuff, just click on the sign at any of my shop locations.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Construction woops!

I realize I just released the Adore set but there is some necessary work that needs to be done with my shop in Chartreuse, basically right now just moving it from the spot it's on and some terraforming. I'm currently working on a brand new store build that I hope everyone will enjoy but that won't be ready for awhile.

If you happen to tp in and find yourself under the store or in the air you'll know why. Let me just say sorry in advance! I should have it settled by later tonight or early tomorrow...hopefully. :)



Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I've released five couple pose sets called "Adore" (thanks Kisa) just in time for Valentine's Day! They're currently only available at TorridWear in Chartreuse but will soon be at a couple of other locations. Honestly I don't have much room for them at most of my stores lol. They will also be available on OnRez shortly.

A heads up about these sets, they were made with an average size female and male avatar of similar height. I did this so that the poses had a better chance of fitting more avatars. This means that if you and your partner have extreme differences in height or if there are extreme slider numbers these may not work well. Please make sure you test first! The pose hearts are modifiable so you will be able to move them around if you need to adjust.

You can see the other images of the Adore set here. I hope you will enjoy using these as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Thanks :)

*updated slurl

Monday, February 4, 2008

Love Lace Poses

The first two lingerie sets in the 2008 Love Lace collection by Nephilaine Protagonist and Launa Fauna have been released! Check out Nephilaine's post and Launa's post for ads and details.

As they release new sets I will also release the poses I created for their ads. The first two poses are now available at Love Lace in Port Seraphine. They are set up (in pose hearts) next to the lingerie displays so that you can try them out before purchasing :).

In each heart you will find a notecard with details about how to use the pose and where to purchase the furniture used in the ad.