Friday, March 27, 2009

New Pose Set! "Cornered"

As promised I've just released my latest pose set "Cornered" as a follow up to "Wallflower". There are ten poses total and they were created with the idea of being in a small, walled in space. Of course you can use the poses however you like!

I've included an example prop in the set that's menu driven. Just right click on the prop, choose "sit", and click on it to choose a pose. Once again the example is just there to show you what I had in mind when creating this pose set :).

As usual you may purchase the poses individually if you prefer but make sure to demo first! For now you can do so only at my main store location in Menel.

*Oh and never fear, for those of you not too hip on some of my "unusual" sets (muahah) my next release will be lots of *mostly* normal stands. :p

**If you're currently in my subscribe-o-matic group, I may be moving to a new system very shortly so I apologize if you receive a couple of test messages in the process!

TGIF! <3

Feeling Cornered?

I'll be releasing a new pose set later today called "Cornered" as a followup to my "Wallflower" set. More details coming soon :).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pose Images

I realize that at times it's difficult to really see much about a pose from looking at a vendor photo. I want to start doing images when I blog new releases that may help. In addition I will post more photos that are submitted to my flickr group :). These images are using poses from my latest set "Wallflower".

Location: Metaversatility (Cuba inspired sim)