Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Necessary Update Blog

So I put it off long enough I guess! This blog will be strictly for any updates at my shop, TorridWear, 99% of which will probably be in the animation category. You may be asking yourself at this very moment, "Why the hell is it called TorridWear then?", to which I reply "Hey, great question!". Actually it's pretty simple and boring, the shop used to be mainly clothing but now only contains discount, newbie friendly clothing and of course my animations. The name has been the same for so long that I figure I might as well leave it that way. Amazing story right? :D

I will attempt to have this blog added to the Fashion Planet feed but that could take awhile lol. If only poor Tao had known what he was signing up for! Now I have to try and remember how to work with this blog thing.