Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Halloween Goodness!

As promised, here are two new Halloween costume collaborations from TCKLZ (TorridWear, Celestial Studios, Kari, Lemon, and ZF)! These costumes are not limited editions and will be available beyond Halloween. These are the first two of many more to come hopefully :D.

"Fantasy Football"

TCKLZ presents Fantasy Football!

You will be sure to go past First & Ten with this fantastic football player costume. Your friends will WIDEly receive you with open arms as you TOUCHDOWN in the coolest sims in SL. Costume includes 1 jersey tee-shirt dress with sculptie sleeves, 1 set of grid iron face paint, 2 sets of knee highs-1 with prim leg-warmers 1 without, 1 pair of custom colored Kari kicks and 1 color coordinated football with hold animation!

Fantasy Football is also available in a fatpack with all four color combinations.

"For The Boys"

TCKLZ presents For The Boys!

Make your wildest pin-up dreams come true. This costume is sure to inspire everyone to stand at attention. Jitterbug the night away in 1 shirtdress with a hot pink bow holding down the fort, 1 medal for cuteness in the face of adversity, 1 sculptie garrison cap & bow, 1 set of seamed, silk thigh high stockings and 1 pair of TCKLZ pumps ready for action!

Shape used in vendor ads by:
Lemon by Haver Cole (Shape will be available at the costume locations shortly)

Hair used in vendor ads by:
ZF by Zyrra Falcone (Hair will be available at the costume locations shortly)

You can find these costumes and more at the following locations:

Celestial Studios


Panache and Zyrraphotic