Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fly By Night

Happy Halloween from TorridWear and Kari! We've created a great flying broom AO as a gift for our subscribe-o-matic members :D. You must join one or both (we won't complain!) of the subscribe-o-matic groups at our main store locations to receive the broom. Just click the sign!

If you're already a member and were not online at the time the gift was sent out you can click on the subscribe-o-matic sign at Kari or TorridWear and choose history to find the message it was sent with. The broom will only be available in history through November 7th!

UPDATE: So far the broom has been fine when I tp so keeping my fingers crossed the rest of you have no problems either! Sorry for the edit!

*Just a note that if you have the broom attached and you teleport you will need to detach and attach the broom again. I'm not sure why this is happening with attached animated objects now but it is :(.

Trick or Treat!

p.s. (This is where that note would have gone had you let me type it Haver Cole)