Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yarrrrr it's Bootleg Annie!!

UPDATE: `Tis important t' mention that thar be a freebie pose included in th' set an' full credit goes t' International Supermodel Ha'er Cole.

I be very excited t' share that th' first o' many planned Halloween costumes be now available only at Celestial Studios an' Zyrraphotic.

Once again 'tis a collaboration between Kari, Torridwear, Celestial Studios, Zyrra Falcone an' Lemon. Thar be several packages an' options t' choose from. This be one o' three limited edition costumes an' they will nay be available fer purchase after Novembree 1st. We be releasin' non limited edition costumes as well in th' very near future.

Full Bootleg Annie Set:

1. Hat wi' hair in four special shades. (Kari & Zyrra Falcone)
2. Celestial Studios "V2" prototype skin in light an' tan wi' bonus scarred versions (also includes lashes)
3. Shape by Ha'er Cole o' Lemon
4. Full outfit includin' jacket wi' top, collar, eye patch, gloves, britches, belt, belt wi' scarf, belt wi' tails, skirt. skirt wi' scarf, stockings, torn stockings, an' boots! (TorridWear, Kari, an' Celestial Studios)
5. Wee animation override set by Torrid Low tide (aka Midnight fer ye pirate noobs) that includes 5 stands, a sit, an' keel haul.

Ye can purchase th' followin' separately if ye prefer (reckon th' full set comes wi' a discount):

1. Hat wi' hair available in in th' pack o' 4 an' also available in 40 other shades.
2. Swabbie shape (aye th' shape be modify)
3. Skins pack
4. Outfit pack

Ye can test ou' demos o' th' skins an' hair before purchasin'. Everythin' be nay transfer so please keep that in mind!

P.S. Once again on accoun' o' th' limited space at TorridWear an' Kari, all th' costumes be placed only at Celestial Studios an' Zyrraphotic fer now.

Be havin' a great tide !!
Ya lily livered scurvy cur!