Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Golden Ticket Hunt!


The Hunt is on!! Good luck!

(sings) We have a golden tiiiiiiiiicket!!!!

There is a magical golden ticket hunt going on Wednesday, November 19th, from noon SLT to 6pm SLT! Search throughout the Menel sim (TorridWear, Lemon, and Kari) for golden tickets and if you find one, just buy it, pick it up and collect the fabulous prizes inside. The grand prize tickets will contain a ticket object that will need to be given to the person designated on the ticket. Some of the great prizes include:

2 separate L$5000 cash tickets
A custom lemon shape
All the shoes that Kari has to offer
The 2 Fedorable styles from TorridWear in every shade
TorridWear ao and pose packs
And much much more!

There will be 21 tickets total so there are plenty of prizes to go around :).

Keep your eyes peeled for gold, it can be anywhere!! (Except of course on the other half of the sim we don't own :P)

See you there!